Trainer Team

Combining training with real world programming know-how

All of our Qt, Modern C++, 3D/Modern OpenGL, Debugging and Profiling and Tooling Instructors qualify themselves by years of real-life, large-scale development experience as well as strong backgrounds in teaching.

By default, scheduled courses will be held in English or French. The course material is always in English or French, except by special agreement. When you book customized in-company training, it is usually not possible to request a particular instructor, but it is possible to select a language in which your training will be taught. Depending on the topic of the training course, the following languages are available: English, French, German, Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Dutch and Swedish.

Jim Albamont

Senior software engineer at KDAB, Jim has actively developed with C++ and Qt since 2001. He has a background in computer graphics and data visualization, including six years as the lead developer of a 3D visualization tool for financial data built with C++, Qt and OpenGL. He has taught training classes for KDAB in Qt Widgets, QML, Multithreading, and Modern C++ in the US where he is based. Jim holds an MSc in Computer Science.

Alessandro Ambrosano

Senior Software Engineer at KDAB, Alessandro has been using C++ and Qt professionally since 2018, working on a range of Qt Widgets and QML projects spanning multiple platforms and business domains. Alessandro holds a MSc in Computer Science.

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Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos

Senior software engineer and team lead at KDAB, Nicolas has actively developed with Qt since 2001 and is a founding member of Qtfr, the French Qt community site. He has worked on multiple Qt widgets or QML projects, with a particular emphasis on API design and software architecture. He has held Qt training classes for companies such as Michelin, Ford and ST-Ericsson. Nicolas holds an MSc in Computer Science.

Franck Arrecot

Software engineer at KDAB, Franck has actively developed with Qt since 2011 when he started contributing to open source projects. He has been an active KDE contributor to Zanshin: KDE task management software and more recently to the Qt3D module. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science.

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English, French, Spanish

Giuseppe D’Angelo

Senior Software Engineer at KDAB. Giuseppe is a long-time contributor to Qt, having used Qt and C++ since 2000, and is an Approver in the Qt Project. His contributions in Qt range from containers and regular expressions to GUI, Widgets, and OpenGL. A free software passionate and UNIX specialist, before joining KDAB, he organized conferences on opensource around Italy. He holds a BSc in Computer Science.

David Faure

Senior software engineer who also heads up KDAB’s French office, David is a Qt user since its beginning. He has made numerous contributions to Qt, including new classes for QtCore in Qt 5. David is well known in the KDE project for his work on the web browser and especially on KDE Frameworks. He has taught Qt development at numerous conferences and to companies such as Michelin, Schlumberger and Orange. He has become a specialist in multithreading with Qt, as well as performance optimizations. David holds an MSc in Computer Science.

Sean Harmer

Dr Sean Harmer is a senior software engineer at KDAB where he heads up our UK office and also leads the 3D R&D team. He has been developing with C++ and Qt since 1998 and is Qt 3D Maintainer and lead developer in the Qt Project. Sean has broad experience and a keen interest in scientific visualization and animation in OpenGL and Qt. He holds a PhD in Astrophysics along with a Masters in Mathematics and Astrophysics.

Tobias Koenig

Senior software engineer at KDAB, Tobias has actively developed with Qt since 2001 and has been an active KDE contributor during this time. His contributions have been mainly to the KDE PIM project and the KDE libraries, but also to other open source projects. He holds an MSc in Computer Science.

Kevin Krammer

Senior Software Engineer and a Senior Qt Trainer, Kevin is also a longtime contributor to Qt and KDE. He has experienced a wide range of different use cases of Qt across multiple industries with clients, but also enjoys exploring technologies and techniques around Qt beyond the confines of specific project scopes.

Kevin holds a BSc in Software Engineering.

Anton Kreuzkamp

Software engineer at KDAB, Anton began using C++ and Qt in 2009 by contributing to the KDE project. He is one of the active contributors to KDAB’s GammaRay tool (a high-level Qt application debugger) mainly focusing on QML and QtQuick introspection. Besides active development in large-scale C++ applications at KDAB, he closely follows the ISO standardization process for the C++ language, providing up-to-date, in-depth insight into the reasoning that leads the language development.

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English, German

Mike Krus

Senior Software Engineer at KDAB. Mike has been developing with C++ since 1996 and Qt since 2004. He has a broad range of experience in scientific applications, mainly in civil engineering and oil & gas industries. His range of expertise includes C++, QML and interactive 3D visualization software design on desktop and mobile as well as macOS development. Mike is the Qt maintainer for the tvOS platform, one of the core contributors to Qt 3D and is interested in building mobile applications with Qt, mainly on iOS. He has a PhD in Computer Science.

Paul Lemire

Senior software engineer at KDAB, Paul is a Qt approver and active contributor to the Qt 3D module where he is one of the main developers. He has been developing Qt based C++ and QML applications since 2010 and has particular interest and expertise in OpenGL and GPU assisted computing. Paul holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

András Mantia

Senior software engineer at KDAB, András has actively developed with Qt since 2002. He is a core developer of KDE’s web development environment Quanta Plus and contributor to other parts of KDE. András speaks regularly at free software events about Qt-based products and has held trainings for companies such as Accenture, TietoEnator and Nokia.

Jan Marker

Senior software engineer at KDAB, Jan has been using Qt since 2009 when he started contributing to the KDE project. Since joining KDAB he has worked on multiple large Qt and QML projects, while also developing Wayland compositors. Besides in-depth knowledge of Qt and C++, Jan also has a deep interest in other technologies like Buildbot and Python. He holds an MSc in Computer Science.

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English, German

Jesper K. Pedersen

COO/HR director at KDAB. Jesper has actively developed with Qt since 1998 and, despite his fancy title, still does so.

He has held almost 100 training classes in Qt since 2000. Today, his greatest claim to fame is the QML youtube series and more recently his youtube series called Qt Widgets and More.

Nuno Pinheiro

Senior UX/UI designer at KDAB, Nuno did the first QML training for designers and actively uses the QML language for fast UX/UI prototyping and UI solutions deployment. His works include general illustrations, UI design, corporate design, interactive mock-ups, animation examples, and much more. Known for his contribution to the award-winning Oxygen Project where he is the current coordinator, his computer art is used on KDE computer platforms worldwide. Nuno has an MSc in Civil Engineering.

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English, Portuguese

Nate Rogers

Managing Director & VP at KDAB, Nate has been developing software with C/C++ since 2005 and has a special interest in QML and embedded systems. He has experience with all aspects of developing Qt/QML applications from concept to first customer shipment. Further, Nate is a contributor to KDAB’s Hotspot, the Linux perf GUI for performance analysis. He holds a BS in Software and Information Systems.

André Somers

Senior software engineer at KDAB, André has been using Qt since 2002 when he wrote an open source Qt 2-based flight computer for use in glider planes. Since then, he has applied Qt in a broad range of industries ranging from oil & gas exploration, scientific data manipulation and visualization to medical devices and many more. His main expertise is in C++ and QML. André holds a MSc in Philosophy of Science & Technology.

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English, Dutch

James Turner

Senior software engineer and team lead at KDAB, James has been developing with Qt since 2002. He contributes to the current maintenance of Mac platform support as well as the development of OpenGL and 3D support in Qt. James has a background in UI, graphics, and simulation development as well as a long history of development on OS-X and prior versions of Mac OS. He is a lead developer on FlightGear, the open-source flight simulator, and holds a BSc in Computer Science.

Milian Wolff

Milian Wolff has a long history of creating tools for C++ developers. He’s the main author of Massif-Visualizer, heaptrack, hotspot and ctf2ctf tools now used widely to improve C++ applications performance. He’s a Senior Software Engineer at KDAB where he enjoys solving hard performance problems and teaching developers about debugging and profiling tools. Milian has a Masters Degree in Physics which explains his scientific approach to performance measurement.