Training Portfolio

KDAB has long been the leader in Qt training, honing our offering over 20 years and focusing on core engineering competencies like Modern C++ and 3D/OpenGL. Lately, we also offer Rust courses in collaboration with our partner Ferrous Systems.

Principles that drive KDAB’s success are:

  • KDAB’s trainers are all active engineers whose up-to-date work experience brings direct benefit to the classroom.
  • They know their chosen topics thoroughly and are enthusiastic about teaching it.
  • All our courses combine presentation with hands-on labs to help students assimilate what they’re learning.
  • A rich store of training material enables our trainers to flexibly adapt to the specific needs of each class.
  • Personal attention is guaranteed as our classes are always small, never more than 12 for a standard training.

Scheduled training courses are available throughout the year in English and French. Each topic can also be offered in-company if that better suits your needs.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our courses!

Find our complete training portfolio below:


KDAB offers introductory and advanced level Qt/QML training courses covering desktop, embedded and mobile, with a variety of course variants for you to choose from.

Modern C++

Our hands-on Modern C++ training courses aim to bring students new to the language quickly up to speed and also bring professional C++ developers up-to-date with language and standard library changes introduced across the latest standard C++ editions.


The following OpenGL courses provide introductory and in-depth coverage of Modern OpenGL, ranging from fundamental topics, rendering techniques, to OpenGL code performance. Our Qt 3D course teaches programmable shader-based pipelines using both C++ and QML APIs.


In collaboration with our partners Ferrous Systems, we provide a variety of introductory and advanced training courses for the Rust language. We also include a half-day training about why Rust could be the right choice for your project.

Debugging & Profiling

We offer 4 variants of this course, depending on whether you are working in Windows or Linux with or without Qt. Each course covers the tools to help you find bugs and performance issues. Problems covered range from general purpose debugging and CPU profiling to Qt specific high-level analyzers.

Dev Tools & Practices

These courses aim to get you up-to-speed with developer tools, including CMake, Squish, and Qt Design Studio. In addition, we offer a course covering best practices for the Git version control system.