Dev Tools & Practices

These courses aim to get you up-to-speed with developer tools, including CMake, Squish, and Qt Design Studio. In addition, we offer a course covering best practices for the Git version control system.

This course will teach the basics of creating and building projects with CMake. In recent years, CMake has introduced some cleaner and more precise constructs. The course will focus on the new constructs where possible.
The ambition of this training course is that you will learn to use Squish for testing your application, over and over again – with much reduced effort. The techniques you will learn involve recording a script with Squish and then adapting this into a piece of reusable code that is much less likely to break with the next version of the application it tests.
In this training we will cover the basic elements of Qt Design Studio, what it is and what it is not, with a specific focus on real-life workflow between designers and developers.
This training course provides a comprehensive introduction into modern software development with the code version control system Git. Beginning with the basic concepts, all the fundamental topics to manage code bases in Git will be covered.