Below you will find information in response to frequently asked questions (FAQ); details about our in-company training courses; bios of our trainers and details about training facilities.

This page contains responses to frequently asked questions about our training courses, including differences between scheduled, in-company, on-site and remote, travel and accommodation, food and beverages during the training, duration and group size.
Improve the programming skills of your developer team at your preferred location with a custom-tailored training course. In-Company training offers a lower cost-per-student, eliminating travel cost and reducing time away from the office.
Our courses combine training with real-world programming know-how. All of our Qt, Modern C++, 3D/Modern OpenGL, Debugging and Profiling and Tooling Instructors qualify themselves by years of real-life, large-scale development experience as well as strong backgrounds in teaching.
KDAB Training is provided in professional, modern training facilities. Our scheduled training courses are offered at our Training Center in Berlin or a rented training facility at another location. Remote training courses (both scheduled and for teams) are presented online, usually via Zoom.
This page contains the terms and conditions that apply to both scheduled training courses booked on and tailored, company specific training courses.