Training FAQ

This page contains responses to frequently asked questions about our training courses, including differences between scheduled, in-company, on-site and remote, travel and accommodation, food and beverages during the training, duration, and group size.

What is a scheduled training?

Scheduled classes are generally 3 days long, have fixed dates and are held in English, French or German, usually at one of our training facilities.

Scheduled training courses offer participants course material that can be dynamically adapted on the day by our skilled trainers, with presentation and labs interspersed for maximum learning integration. Developers from diverse companies can mutually gain insights from engineers on the same learning journey.

For larger teams who want to be trained, we recommend contacting us about customized, in-company training.

What is an in-company (or on-site) training?

In-company courses are given at an agreed place and time with many language options available. Course length is generally from 3 to 5 days.

In-company training is for groups of engineers, perhaps working on a project together and/or needing to raise their skill level in a particular area.

Also offering a mix of presentation and hands-on learning, in-company training can easily be tailored to a chosen focus, drawing from KDAB’s wealth of training material and topics. Read more about it here or contact us for more information.

What is a remote training?

Remote training courses (both scheduled and in-company) are presented online, usually via Zoom. Attendees can access the training from their preferred location. A stable internet connection and a webcam are required.

We kindly ask all participants to keep their cameras on during the training to make interaction with the trainer easier.

Travel and Accommodation

The price for a scheduled KDAB training course doesn't include travel and accommodation, but we are happy to help you arrange your stay. If you attend a training course in Berlin you can contact us to explore hotel recommendations.

Food and Beverages

Our scheduled training courses include beverages (coffee, tea, soft drinks) and lunch. We attach value to serving fresh, regional, organic food. If you require a specific diet, please let us know upon your booking and we will take care of it.


Training courses can last between 2-5 days in total depending on the topic. Check the Training Schedule to see the duration of your preferred course.

Usually, our scheduled training courses start at 9 am and end at 5 pm local time. There is a lunch break of 1 hour and several shorter breaks.

Group size

To guarantee an optimal learning experience we keep the groups small. The maximum group size for our scheduled training courses is 12.