Modern C++

Our hands-on Modern C++ training courses aim to bring students new to the language quickly up to speed and also bring professional C++ developers up-to-date with language and standard library changes introduced across the latest standard C++ editions.

Courses are offered by KDAB trainers with a deep knowledge of the C++ language as well as possessing excellent tutoring skills. As for all our courses, there will be a mix of presentation and labs and class numbers are restricted to a maximum of 12 people to ensure personal attention.

This 4 - 5 day course is designed to take developers with prior working experience in C++ to the next level of skill. Through a combination of modern techniques and tools from the latest C++ standards including some features from C++23, participants will learn how to write better, more efficient and less error-prone code..
This course is for developers with a good working knowledge of any other programming language. Participants will learn C++ language essentials, with an emphasis on how to write modern, clean and correct C++ code, using facilities from the latest C++ standard editions.