Attendee feedback

What attendees say about KDAB training

Check out the feedback we have received over the years to get a flavor of what it's like to attend one of our courses: the nature of the material delivered, trainer experience, expertise, style of teaching, as well as positive outcomes for attendees.

Training programs are comprehensive and designed to get you fully up and running.

“We had a perfectly tailored training to learn modern C++ features and to understand all the things in detail. Now we are well prepared for future C++ projects and for using C++ more efficiently... This was the most sophisticated and gripping training I’ve attended so far.”

— Jürgen Schneider

IGEL Technology GmbH, Germany

“Very good coverage of key areas, provoking thought on how we have used QML, Qt & notions of C++ to date, and how we can gain confidence, expertise and productivity in the future with QML, Qt, C++. An excellent balance between an overall introduction of key concepts, and how they all tie together.”

— Noel Clarke

Viavi Solutions, France

“The KDAB Modern OpenGL with Qt training course is one of the best run and presented programming training courses I have participated in. The coverage of modern OpenGL techniques and API usage was comprehensive, and the examples and labs demonstrated how theory could be applied in practice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working in the scientific computing and data visualisation fields.”

— Ben Fletcher

DSTO, Department of Defence, Australia

All KDAB trainers are experts who work daily in their field and can pass on to you a deep understanding of the technology.

“The training was excellent. Sean Harmer knows the ins and outs of OpenGL and I would really recommend everyone interested in 3D graphics to follow this course.”

— Eddy Alleman

EDAL solutions BVBA, Belgium

“Big thanks to our trainer and his assistant who answered all our questions immediately and in stunning depth.”

— Jürgen Schneider

IGEL Technology GmbH, Germany

“Excellent presentation and instructor whose knowledge was exceptional. I have rarely had an instructor who had such a mastery of his course.”

— Didier Donner

Paradigm, France

Our trainers are all active developers and can understand and address most of the real-life issues that you might face.

“This is the class I’ve been waiting for. I feel like it gave me exactly the knowledge that I need to transition from QWidgets based designs to QML/C++ based designs. The topic reviews were very handy in reinforcing what we learned.”

— participant

Programming with Qt, Fluke Corporation, Everett, USA

“The trainer was highly rated for his extensive knowledge on the topic as well as his professionalism, teaching skills, enthusiasm for the subject, patience, clarity in explanations and ability to answer questions, as well as his hands-on approach and readiness to give a hand to anybody facing a problem.”

— Claudiu Stefanescu

Principal Research Engineer, R&D Orange Labs, UK

To ensure you always gain a hands-on understanding of the material, our courses balance knowledge with practical exercises and labs.

“I found the course to be excellent. It provided a good grounding in the basics of writing programs with Qt, with plenty of useful and realistic examples. The trainer provided many anecdotes and examples of real-world experience of using Qt. I would sincerely recommend the training course to everyone who has an interest in the Qt tool-kit and/or mixed system programming.”

— Conor O’Neill

Radio Planning, Logica, UK

“Once again all expectations were more than fulfilled. The training was more than just reading a presentation, it was a good combination of the necessary theory, practical use cases and a nice sense of humor which prevents you from falling asleep.”

— Geert Depaemelaere

R&D Project engineer, Torex Retail, UK

“The most professional and thorough software development training I have ever followed.”

— Andrzej Cieslar

Siemens Industry Software, France

Our trainers are passionate about their subjects, and aim to transfer that enthusiasm and deep interest to you.

“Both newcomers to Qt but also people already familiar with Qt profited from the presentations and the course material. The style of the courses was equally interesting and entertaining. At the end of course people were looking forward to start development on their own Qt applications.”

— Stephan Egli

Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

For in-company training (link to page) we are happy to tailor course material to address your project's immediate issues and/or assist your team in meeting its deadlines.

“We quickly realised we needed some domain expertise. Within hours we had a KDAB consultancy agreement in place, and an engineer on site a few days later. After a short period of time mixing training with architecture and software developing on the front line, with the rest of our team, we found ourselves in a great position, with a good chance of hitting our deadlines.”

— Adam Linford

Truphone Limited, UK

“The trainer worked closely with our team to address the areas of interest for our project. The training sessions had a good amount of hands on exercises (laboratory sessions) that enabled the development team to apply the skills learned. Our development team highly recommends the KDAB training session to any company that needs a fast track to bring their development teams up to speed with the intricacies of the Qt framework.”

— Terry A Weeks

Partner-Technical Solutions PM, The Ashvins Group, Inc., USA